We Know What Human Resource Managers are Seeking

Since we are a "Well-Connected" Recruiting Agency, our Resume Coaches are communicating with HR Executives every day.  We have our pulse on the current job market.  So we know exactly what HR & Hiring Managers are seeking in a good resume.  We  know what Resumes WORK, and what Resumes DO NOT WORK.  This feedback is from a diversity of companies and gives us INSIGHT and GUIDANCE that we can now share with you.  


We Know How to Transform & Market Your Resume

 COVID-19 and the Digital Era have changed the way we think about the Resume.  Competition for jobs is suddenly very tight. The Modern Resume needs to be more of a Digital Marketing Tool, not an HR Application or a Job Description.  The Content must be Intelligent & Digitally Optimized.  Key Word Matching Platforms  & HR Department Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) now control the screening process.  Let our Resume Coach add a "Digital Marketing Advantage" to your new CV. 


We Know to Make Your Resume "Stand Out"

 In addition to being more of a Digital Marketing Tool, the Modern Resume needs to deliver a look that is Sophisticated, Clean and Fresh.  First Impressions matter with your resume. It should be easy to Open, Read and Share across all devices. Format, Font & Spacing also matter.  Details like Titles, Skills, Responsibilities & Dates are critical.  But the Aesthetic is very important. Our Resume Coach will help your Resume "Stand Out" and "Look the Part."