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We are More than just a Recruiting Firm.

Our Clients need more than just a Recruiting Firm to fill their needs.  They need Partners who understand Omni Channel and the Digital Transformation Era.  The future of Retail is Omni Channel.  What does Omni Channel mean?  Omni Channel is an industry shift which has placed the Customer front & center, while seamlessly integrating Online & Mobile with the In-Store shopping experience.   Whether you are a Company looking to hire, or a Candidate seeking a new position, our mission is to partner with you through this Digital Transformation Era.


We have a "Digital First" Approach to Hiring.

Major Brands are now experiencing a Digital Transformation. They have a "Digital First" mentality when it comes to hiring. The traditional Retail Store is no longer the primary focus. E Commerce, Social Media, Influencers, Google Analytics, CRM & Email Marketing are paving the way as the preferred channels to market new customers.  We specialize in these Omni Channel Careers. The result is an immediate demand for the "Digital First" Talent Pool that we provide.


We are Focused on Diversity & Inclusion.

Since we are a Minority-Owned Small Business, our Mission has always been to focus on Diversity & Inclusion in the Candidates, Clients & Services we offer.  If our goal is to partner & help you navigate your search through these industry shifting times, then we must constantly think about Diversity & Inclusiveness during the search process. As a Minority-Owned Small Business, we take pride in serving as a Diversity Leader and Mentor to our CEO Clients, Hiring Managers and HR Partners.

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