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Our Workplace Therapy is a combination of Emotional Support & Career Counseling rolled into a Private 1 Hour Session. We will help you navigate through some of the most difficult situations in the office, while guaranteeing you 100% Confidentiality. 

We guarantee your privacy because we are an independent service hired by you, not your company.  This allows our Counseling to be honest and objective. Below are some of our most noted programs.  Sign up today for a Full One Hour Workplace Therapy Session - that is Guaranteed Private - using PayPal for only $75.

Emotional Support / Situational Career Counseling

Workplace Therapy is a Career Counseling division of the Omni Channel Career Group

How Negative Emotions Create a Toxic Workplace

Enjoy this video discussing how Negative Emotions can be "Contagious at Work".

The Value of "Being Yourself" at Work

Enjoy this video about "Being Yourself" and having "Healthy Expectations" at work.