Unhappy at Work? Thinking about hiring a Career Coach?

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Not sure if you need to hire a Career Coach or a Professional Therapist? We can help. Our Workplace Therapy program is a unique combination of both. We offer both Emotional Support & Situational Career Coaching rolled into a Private 1 Hour Session. Our service caters to those who are Unhappy at Work, but are Not Quite Ready to quit or start interviewing, and may also feel uncomfortable speaking to their Family, Boss or Human Resources about their issues.   

We Guarantee you 100% Privacy because we are an Independent Service hired directly by you, not your company.  This allows our Therapists to be 100% honest and objective. Below are some of the most common stories we address.  Sign up today for a Full One Hour Workplace Therapy Session - that is Guaranteed Private - using PayPal for only $95.

Why We Need Workplace Therapy

Workplace Therapy is the Career Coaching division of Omni Channel Career Services.

Does a better salary always mean you will be happier at work

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Is "Workism" taking over your life?

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How Negative Emotions Create a Toxic Workplace

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The Value of "Being Yourself" at Work

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