Why Clients Rave about our Interview Coaches


We Prepare You from Beginning to End of the Interview Process.

Our Coaches take pride in prepping our Clients from the very beginning to the very end of the process.  Whether it is reviewing your resume,  helping you setup a Facetime/Zoom Video call, analyzing job descriptions, role-playing, deciding what to wear, which questions to ask, when to talk about money, or when to send a thank you note - we are here to Prep & Guide you to the end. 


We know exactly what HR & Hiring Managers are Seeking.

Since our DNA is in Recruiting, our Interview Coaches are on the phone getting  valuable interview feedback from HR departments everyday.  We have prepared and coached hundreds of candidates for interviews at a diversity of companies.  So our Coaches know exactly what works and what does not work on an interview.  We want to share that feedback with you.


We are Trained in the Psychology of Interviewing & the Workplace.

Our Interview Coaches are Cornell University ILR School Graduates trained in Organizational Behavior and the Psychology of the Workplace.  We have worked with Psychometric Assessments and Testing.  So we can help you prepare for the challenges of Personality Tests such as Myers-Briggs and alert you of the pitfalls of Behavioral Based Interviewing.   Our psychological insights will give you the confidence to take on anything that comes your way.